Welcome to Machino Manufacturers & Traders

Machino Manufacturers & Traders was established in 1989. Primarly, the company is engaged in manufacturing SURFACE GRINDERS as a Brand Product and gradually developed as a Tool Room.

Today, this Tool Room is one of the most Sophisticated, Experienced and Highly-Developed Tool Rooms in Faridabad and is manufacturing custom built, high quality and precession tooling for a wide range of industry requirements.

Some of the tools are designed, manufactured and supplied to Indian industries are import substitutes.

Machino Manufacturers & Traders has very rich experience in designing, manufacturing and producing precision and complex press tools, jigs, fixtures, gauges and SPMs. A symbol of innovative excellence and spirit of enterprise, the Company has responded to the varied range of industry requirements in terms of Quality, Cost and Delivery.

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, we lay total stress on:
- In-place latest infrastructure.
- World-class skill with depth and breadth of expertise.
- Best-in-class processes, quality and delivery systems.
- Mature service offerings.
- Unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

To achieve our objectives, we consider our employees as our biggest strength.

Machino Manufacturers & Traders has always been committed to work with full dedication and determination keeping in mind Optimum Quality Deliverables for is customers.